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About the Show

In the summer of 2013 my wife and I moved into a new home and in a hilarious turn of events I lost her new iPod, bought her a new one and (of course) immediately found the missing one.  I took this as proof that despite years of resisting Apple,  choice was an illusion, and figured that since I had one, I might as well put it to use during my daily three hour commute.  

I quickly grew tired of my entire music collection and I was beginning to feel my brain atrophy when I became convinced that there must be a more constructive use this time.  This is when I discovered history podcasts.

I was soon hooked on shows like Cameron Reilly's Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast, Mike Duncan's The History of Rome and Revolutions and Robin Pierson's History of Byzantium. 

However, despite the existence of a vibrant and diverse historical podcast community I was surprised that there didn't seem to be much on offer for American history and I  conceived this podcast to help fill that niche.

About the Host

Hi there, my name's Thom.  I have a bachelor's degree in History from Rowan University and a Certificate in Paralegal Studies from the Boston University Center for Professional Education.

I am a professional working full time in Boston and part time as an American and World History tutor.  In my spare time I work on this podcast.

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Please contact us with questions, comments or concerns at americanbiographypodcast@gmail.com