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Hello!  Welcome to American Biography, a podcast dedicated to examining the lives of important and  influential, but less discussed, Americans who played integral if under appreciated roles in the evolution of the United States.

The focus of the podcast isn't just on the biggest names in American history like Washington, Lincoln or the Roosevelts.  Rather,  the goal is to examine the individuals who's names are not as well known today as they perhaps should be, whether they're congressmen, cabinet members, civic leaders or diplomats and by doing so,  hopefully open a window into the conflicts and forces that shaped those who shaped the nation.  This is the American Story told through Americans' stories.


**SPECIAL NOTICE** American Biography has recently been featured in the Wall Street Journal and The Guardian for its participation in the Dictionary of American Regional English's Endangered Words Project!

06/25/16 - Breaking News!  I've been invited to join the Mid Atlantic podcast to discuss  politics and culture from the US and UK.  I hope you'll check it out!


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